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Students and Teachers



What students say about the workshop leader:


"Sean Eastman relates amazingly to young people." 

"He is cool because he understood us." 

"He's really into what he is doing." 

"He's really creative." 

"Sean is a great actor" 

"He's a good communicator."  

"He's very funny and does funny things." 

"Sean Eastman was full of energy the whole time." 

"He explains things really well and thoroughly." 

"He is amazingly talented." 

"He's an inspiration."   

"He loved what he was doing and tried to get us to love it as well." 

"He presented good ideas that enhanced the scenes by adding movement that helped understand the language."



What students say about what they learned in the workshops:

"[The workshop] connects well with our courses and was good to help me understand Shakespeare and the way characters interact." 

"He helped put physical being into our characters." 

"We got to use our imaginations the entire time."

"I learned how important teamwork is on stage." 

"Theatre is action and reaction." 

"We can use reactions to tell a story." 

"I learned to trust my partner." 

"Rhythm and iambic pentameter help to remember lines." 

"Timing is important." 

"Shakespeare isn't all about the way people talk; it's the movement." 

"Always find open space on stage." 

"Move around the stage and observe your fellow actors." 

"I learned I like acting."


What the teachers had to say:

Joe Bonfiglio at Hanover H.S: "Sean ran the most wonderful action/movement workshop with my 34 Shakespeare elective students.  They had a grand time, and they all said they took away a valuable set of skills to apply to their own scene productions in two weeks.  This is a great community resource, and we really appreciate it." 

Joanne Tulonen at the Kearsarge Regional H.S:  "I was very impressed with Sean Eastman's workshop, and all the students I saw later in the day kept saying how much fun it was.  I was amazed at how a few well-chosen exercises addressed the problems I usually see when kids start working on their scenes." 

Charlie McMeekin at The Sharon Academy: "Thank you for coming up to visit The Sharon Academy's theater class.  The kids absolutely loved it, and after you left, insisted that we continue to play some of the games that had been started during your visit.  That's high praise, as they could just as easily have had the time for independent projects!  I really appreciated the community outreach element that your visit represented." 

Patty Oliver-Smith at Rivendell Academy: "The workshop was a great success.  The kids were very enthused with and by him." 

Christopher Morse, at Mascoma H.S.: "Sean Eastman was very successful getting the 19 students involved.  One can see from the photos the enthusiasm he inspired.  I am extremely grateful to [NESE] for its continued generosity in working with Mascoma as well as to Sean Eastman for his captivating energy and hard work…. leading an energetic movement workshop designed to get students to add gesture to their words."

Laurie Buchar at the New London Elementary School:  "Sean was a big hit at our school with his expert advice about the use of physicality in theatre. The physical education teacher was very impressed with Sean's positive methods for controlling and teaching the group.  Sean has a particular gift for targeting the needy students astutely and sensitively."